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Archives Research Services:
The Archives charges fees for research services and requires pre-payment for such requests. If your request is listed below, please call (517) 373-1414 between 10am-4pm to pay with a credit card or you may mail the request and a check with the appropriate fee payable to the State of Michigan, PO Box 30737, Lansing, MI 48909.
If your request does not fit any of the categories listed below an Archives staff member will respond to your e-mail.


International Shipping $10.00
General Record Search $15.00
Certifications $10.00 first page, $1.00 per page after
Naturalization Record $15.00 per name per county
Civil War $15.00 per each name per request
Spanish American $15.00 per each name per request
World War I $15.00 per each name per request
Veterans Home $15.00 per each name per request
Corrections Records $15.00 per each name per request
Probate Records $40.00
Annual Reports $15.00 1 year of a report

$25.00 2 to 5 years of reports

$35.00 6 to 10 years of reports

Supreme Court $50.00 per case file
Appeals Court $50.00 per case file
Survey Notes: $15.00 per 3 sections with map

$30.00 1 Township with map

Legislative History $30.00 per each bill
Photograph Search* $15.00 for 5 images
Map Search* $30.00 for 3 maps

*Photograph and map search does not include high quality reproduction fees.

Created: 26 July 2003

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