Rogers City Village Officers in 1872
Contributed by B.J. Kemme

Rogers City Village Officers in 1872

Charles Pfanneschmidt
	William Gillies
	Thomas Asquith
	Charles Whitney
	Joseph Mangold
	Ernest Popka
	Pierre Decent
Rudolph Streich
G. Davison
Street Commissioners
A Molitor
F. Sommers
Henry Wenzel
J. Paul Mayer
Fred K. Horn
Alex Jarvis
Pound Master
Henry Wenzel
Drain Commissioner
John Rich
Fire Wardens
J. Vogelheim
J. Ayott
T. A. Baxter
George Kitchen
F. H. Buckner
Louis LaLong

1872 Petition for incorportation as a village was signed by :
J. Paul Mayer
George F. Kitchen
William H. Kitchen
James Meredith
Charles Haywood
Albert Molitor
Charles Pfanneschmidt, 
William Buckner
Frank Sommers
Fred Horn
William Mathies
August Wenzel
Henry Wenzel
Ernest Popka
August Pommeranke
Rudolf Streich
G. Davidson
Henry Clothier
Samuel Blake
John Rich
Joseph LaLonde

Rogers City Centennial History and Photo Album, 1971. 

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