1903 Plat Book Directory of
Farmers, Patrons & Businesses
Contributed by B.J. Kemme

Abbot, A. J. Manufacturer of Lath Millersburg  
Adams, A. H. & Son Proprietors of Adams House. Dealers in General Merchandise. Manufacturers and Dealers in Boots, Shoes and Harnesses, Farming Implements and Machinery City of Posen  
Aiken, L. P. Farmer Allis 29
Alderman, H. C. Physician and Surgeon, Dealer in Drugs and School Supplies Millersburg  
Allen, Al Farmer Ocqueoc 34
Almstead, Fred Farmer Moltke 26
Alstead,, Wm Farmer Moltke 34
Altman, Charles Farmer Belknap 13
Anderson, Carl Farmer Krakow 12
Andzejewski, Martin Farmer Krakow 30
Annibal & Gillett Dealers in General Merchandise, Farming Implements, and Tools City of Onaway  
Arkwood, William Timber Jobber Case 14
Arlt, Chas Farmer Krakow 33
Arnold, B Farmer Ocqueoc 3
Arnold, Henry Farmer Bearinger 32
Arnold, R. Farmer Allis 16
Arnold, Wm. H. Farmer Ocqueoc 10
Auger, J. W. Farmer Bearinger 32
Auger, Rev. R M. E. Clergyman Bearinger 30
Auger, S. Farmer Allis 19
Avent, John Farmer Posen 26
Bade, Fred Farmer Belknap 14
Bade, Henry Farmer Belknap 27
Bade, William Farmer Belknap 34
Bahrke, William Farmer Krakow 8
Baker, D Farmer Rogers 26
Baller, William Farmer Belknap 18
Balls, Ernest Farmer Moltke 16
Balonjie, John Farmer & Dealer in General Merchandise Allis 19
Bannatyne, John Carpenter, Builder and Highway Commissioner Allis 6
Bannon, Peter Farmer Rogers 24
Barabbas, Gus Farmer Belknap 6
Barnett, I. J. Dealer in Clothing, Hats and Caps, Shoes, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Children's clothing, Furniture, etc. City of Onaway  
Barrett, M. J. Farmer Bearinger 28
Bartlett, W. H. Veterinary Surgeon and Township Clerk Millersburg  
Basil, Chas Farmer Belknap 32
Basil, Ernest Farmer Posen 20
Basil, Wm. Farmer Belknap 13
Baum, F. Farmer Belknap 29
Beanca, Jos Farmer Posen 8
Bennett, Wm. E. Surveyor and Land Looker City of Rogers  
Berash, Wm. Farmer Belknap 12
Berendt, Jacob Farmer Posen 17
Berge, Christian Farmer Belknap 23
Berge, Martin Farmer Belknap 21
Bertram, A. P. Dealer in General Merchandise, Manufacturer of and Dealer in Lumber City of Rogers  
Bertram, Fred Farmer Posen 19
Bettinger, Fred Farmer Moltke 17
Bianca, August M. Farmer Krakow 5
Blake, Samuel Farmer Belknap 13
Blank, Fred Farmer Ocqueoc 9
Blasgick, M. Farmer Metz 3
Blow, Lewis Farmer Presque Isle 34
Blowkizeski, Chris Farmer Belknap 19
Body, Moses Farmer Presque Isle 4
Bogacki, Michael Farmer Krakow 5
Boike, F. Farmer Moltke 16
Boike, Jos Farmer Posen 12
Boyer, Henry Farmer Bearinger 29
Bradow, Wm Farmer Ocqueoc 34
Brandt, William Farmer Belknap 17
Brecken, Mrs. M Farmer Bismarck 35
Bredow, August Farmer Rogers 36
Bredow, R. Farmer Belknap 1
Bredow, Gustav Farmer Rogers 36
Bredow, John Farmer Rogers 35
Brege, Ernest Farmer Moltke 17
Brege, F Farmer Moltke 18
Brege, Wm Farmer Moltke 17
Brenner, Lewis Farmer Case 10
Bridge, Seal Farmer Rogers 24
Broaincki, F. Farmer Posen 7
Bruder Frank Farmer and Blacksmith. Born in Pomarn, Germany, October 8, 1852; came to America in 1870 and located in Detroit, where he learned the blacksmith's trade; married to Auguste Vorgt, who was born in Wayne County, Mich, January 3, 1859; parents of twelve children; five boys and two girls now living Moltke 26
Bruder Fred Farmer Moltke 28
Bruder, A. A. County Treasurer City of Rogers  
Bruder, Carl Farmer Moltke 26
Bruder, F. E. Farmer Ocqueoc 5
Bruder, Fred Farmer Ocqueoc 4
Bruder, Wm Farmer Moltke 28
Brunekowski, Jacob Farmer Posen 30
Brunekowski, Leo Farmer Posen 30
Brunicowski, Geo Farmer Metz 35
Brunicowski, John Farmer Metz 25
Bruning, Edward Farmer Moltke 26
Bruning, John Farmer Belknap 5
Budnik, John N. D. Farmer Posen 29
Budnik, Peter Farmer Posen 28
Budnik, S. Farmer Posen 29
Budrik, Andrew Farmer Posen 34
Bunton, Arthur Farmer and Supervisor Bismarck 21
Bunton, Charles Superintendent for Grace Harbor Lumber Company and Township Supervisor Bearinger 33
Bunton, Mrs. M. J. Farmer Bismarck 28
Bunton, T. S. Farmer Posen 27
Burgess, Chas Farmer Allis 17
Burgess, D. E. Farmer Allis 18
Burgess, James Farmer Allis 18
Buskow, C Farmer Posen 7
Caldwell, Fred Farmer Bismarck 33
Caldwell, J. Farmer Allis 17
Caldwell, Jas. Farmer Bismarck 34
Carpenter, C. A. Physician and Surgeon City of Onaway  
Casey, Frank Farmer Presque Isle 4
Cate, W. S. Manufacturer of and Dealer in Lumber, Staves, and Heading City of Onaway  
Cecero, Geo Farmer Belknap 34
Centala, M. Farmer Metz 19
Centala, Nicholas Farmer, Thresher and Lumberman Metz 10
Centala, Steven Farmer Metz 19
Centala, Watson Dealer in General Merchandise Metz 10
Chalupmezak, John Farmer Posen 19
Chandler, Merritt Dealer in Real Estate, Timber and Lands City of Onaway  
Chase, C. E.(Case?) Farmer Case 26
Cheebowski, W. Farmer Krakow 29
Chemmin, Petit H. Manufacturer of Fine Cigars Rogers 16
Chimelewski, Simon Farmer Krakow 10
Christopher C. Farmer Belknap 33
Chrzan, Frank Farmer Posen 33
Chrzan, I. Farmer Metz 17
Chzran, S. Farmer Metz 20
City Hotel Mrs. W. H. Kitchen City of Rogers  
Clark, J. M. Postmaster and manager of Onaway Telephone City of Onaway  
Cole, A. J. Dealer in General Merchandise, Cedar poles and posts and ties Ocqueoc 20
Collins, Walter Farmer Allis 20
Congdon, G. B. Justice of the Peace Millersburg  
Conklin, Lee Farmer Allis 33
Conklin, Rupert Farmer Allis 7
Corwin, Jas Farmer Belknap 5
Courtman, Wm Farmer Belknap 22
Covey, G. Attorney at Law City of Rogers  
Covill, Frank Farmer Rogers 26
Covover, W. A. Proprietor of Chandler House and First-class Accommodations City of Onaway  
Cox, J. D & Sons Proprietors of Hotel Greenwood. Commercial men's accommodations a specialty. Rates $1.50 and $2.00 per day. First-class Sample Rooms City of Onaway  
Cox, S. Farmer Allis 29
Crawford, Bros Dealers in Merchandise, Cedar poles, Posts and Ties City of Posen  
Crych, Wm. Farmer Metz 9
Curtiss, Anthony Farmer Moltke 9
Czalgosz, Frank Farmer Metz 30
Czapa, Frank Farmer Posen 26
Damby, Thos Farmer Posen 4
Darga, Jos Farmer Posen 20
Darga, Julius Farmer Posen 20
Davies, J. W. Land Looker and Timber Estimator City of Onaway  
Davies, W. P. Farmer Allis 29
Davies, W. P. Farmer Allis 29
Davis, L. A. With Gardener and Peterman Col Millersburg  
Deberkow, Fred Farmer Bismarck 2
Deering, Jos Farmer Posen 18
Defoe. Frank Farmer Presque Isle 20
Deitrich, J. H. Farmer Allis 17
Dell, C Farmer Bearinger 13
DeRust, Ben Farmer Posen 28
DeRust, James Farmer Posen 28
Detloff, Fred Farmer Belknap 18
Detloff, Fred Farmer Belknap 31
Detloff, Chas. Farmer Belknap 31
Dettlof, Anton Farmer Krakow 21
Dettlof, Frank Farmer Krakow 21
Dettloff, Chas. Jr. Farming and Lumbering Belknap 30
Devine, A. E. Attorney-at-law City of Onaway  
DeWitt, Fred Farmer Allis 20
DeWitt, H. L. Farmer Allis 20
DeWitt, L. Farmer Allis 20
DeWitt, Mrs. J. Farmer Allis 20
Dichman, John Farmer Belknap 2
Didlin, Jos Farmer Belknap 2
Dietz, W. Farmer Belknap 18
Dobbert, Chas Farmer Moltke 36
Doebler, Carl Farmer Moltke 20
Dojas, Jacob Farmer Posen 31
Dombert, John Farmer Metz 18
Domke, Aug Farmer Ocqueoc 5
Domke, August Farmer Moltke 9
Domke, Carl Farmer Moltke 24
Domke, John Farmer Ocqueoc 18
Domke, Wm Farmer Moltke 9
Donajkowsky, Felix Farmer Posen 2
Doolittle B. Farmer Ocqueoc 3
Doolittle, O. L. Farmer Ocqueoc 3
Downs, P. Farmer Allis 29
Dramburg, Julius Farmer Metz 2
Drevenz, Fred Farmer Posen 31
Druckenmiller, Rev J. D. Minister of the Gospel Moltke 16
Duberstein, P. Farmer Posen 24
Dueltgen, Alfred Farmer Belknap 2
Dueltgen, Randolph Probate Judge City of Rogers  
Duffin, James Farmer Rogers 25
Dullack, Anthony Farmer Moltke 23
Dullack, Barney Farmer. Born in Neislead, Germany, February 29, 1849; came to America in 1867 and settled in Detroit, where he lived three years; came to Presque Isle County in 1870. His parents were the first settlers in the township of Moltke; married to Wilhelmina Receppi August 1877; parents of three sons and six daughters Moltke 23
Dullack, Frank Farmer Moltke 23
Dullack, Ignatz Farmer Moltke 25
Dullack, Pauline Farmer Moltke 23
Dultgen, Aug Farmer Rogers 24
Dumsch, John Farmer Belknap 12
Dunrecki, John Farmer Posen 32
Durecki, Aleck Farmer Posen 21
Durkee, Nellie Farmer Allis 20
Dust, Mat Farmer Metz 1
Ebbert, Fred Farmer Case 22
Eisbrenner, Ed. Farmer Metz 18
Ellenberger, F. Farmer Allis 19
Ellenberger, P. Farmer Allis 18
Elowske, F Farmer Belknap 20
Elowsky, Michael Proprietor of North Branch Roller Mill, Saw and Shingle Mill and Planing Mill Posen 30
Emke, Chas, Jr. Farmer Posen 18
Empke, William Farmer Posen 17
Engelhardt, Arthur Farmer Rogers 27
Enman, I Farmer Bearinger 14
Erke, H. Farmer Belknap 11
Erke, Mrs. C. Farmer Belknap 2
Erkfitz, Herman Farmer Rogers 34
Erkfitz, Wm Farmer Rogers 34
Erskine E. Physician and Surgeon and County Superintendent of Schools City of Rogers  
Evans, R. D. Farmer Bearinger 13
Faircloth, Farncis (Francis?) Farmer Allis 31
Fay, G. W. Farmer Allis 30
Felker, Wm Farmer Belknap 11
Fenner, F. Farmer Allis 16
Fenner, Wm. Farmer Allis 16
Ferguson, (no first name) Lumbering Allis 5
Filax, Carl Farmer Moltke 7
Filax, Emil Farmer Moltke 7
Filax, O. Farmer Moltke 15
Fitch, Barney Farmer Ocqueoc 29
Fitzpatrick, John Farmer Case 19
Flater, D. Farmer Allis 17
Flater, D., Jr. Farmer Allis 5
Fleming, F Farmer Belknap 28
Fleming, H., Jr. Farmer Belknap 33
Fleming, H., Sr. Farmer Belknap 33
Flemming, Aug. Farmer Metz 18
Flemming, Henry J. Farmer Belknap 8
Florip, Chas Farmer Belknap 12
Florip, Fred Farmer Belknap 12
Florip, John Farmer Belknap 12
Fortier, A. J. Timber and Lumber Inspector. I will buy your logs and bolts on the Ocqueoc River and on the D. & M. Railroad. Millersburg  
Fowler, G. F. Land Looker and Timber Estimator City of Onaway  
Fox and Steele Hardware, Building Material, Guns, Ammunition, Groceries, Grain, Feed, etc. Agents for Anti Rusting Tinware City of Onaway  
Franklin, Albert Farmer Krakow 32
Franklin, James Farmer Krakow 33
Freier, John Farmer Ocqueoc 18
Freska, Mike Farmer Posen 29
Friedric, B Farmer Belknap 14
Froelich, R. Farmer Rogers 31
Fuchs, John Farmer Belknap 3
Fuhrman, Gustave Farmer Belknap 7
Furguson, G. Farmer Allis 5
Gabrisiak, Peter Farmer Posen 8
Gage, M Farmer Allis 7
Gallagher, D. Farmer and Land Looker Case 4
Gapa, Agnas Farmer Posen 9
Gapczinski, P. Farmer Posen 27
Gapski, Fred Farmer Posen 23
Gapzinski, John Farmer Posen 6
Gardner, Joseph Fisherman Presque Isle 13
Garrity, Patrick Farmer Presque Isle 17
Garrity, Thos, W. Light House Keeper Presque Isle 8
Geddert, Jacob Farmer Bismarck 12
Gifford, J. Farmer Allis 16
Gilda, F. L. Farmer Posen 11
Gilden, John Farmer Belknap 12
Gill, J. Farmer Posen 18
Gizenkowiez, Frank Farmer Posen 5
Glantz, August Farmer Krakow 8
Glasier, Geo. W. Famer and Dealer in Real Estate City of Onaway  
Glawe, Chas Farmer Ocqueoc T
Glawe, Christ Farmer Ocqueoc 5
Glintz, John Farmer Posen 31
Glomaki, A. Farmer Posen 19
Glomski, F. Farmer Posen 5
Godin, Louis Farmer Ocqueoc 18
Godin, Wm. Farmer Ocqueoc 19
Godin, Wm. Farmer Ocqueoc 33
Godlin L. Farmer Ocqueoc 20
Goerick, Otto Farmer Moltke 21
Gogolek, Jos Farmer Posen 6
Gorney, Walter Farmer Posen 29
Goulette Bros. Proprietors of Livery and Stage Line between Rogers and Metz City of Rogers  
Grabow, August Farmer Case 3
Grambau, E. Farmer Belknap 12
Grambau, Geo. W. School Teacher Metz 2
Grambau, H. Farmer Metz 2
Gramicki, Vincent Farmer Posen 21
Granherr, Jno. Farmer Belknap 5
Grant, Fred O. Farmer and Mason Allis 19
Grant, Jonathan Farmer Allis 29
Gray, Lesly Farmer Ocqueoc 21
Green, Louis Farmer Posen 24
Gregg, Will B. Dealer in Ladies' and Gents' Fine Shoes City of Onaway  
Grochonski, Jos Farmer Posen 24
Grokoski, John School Teacher Belknap 25
Gross, Fred Farmer Moltke 20
Grossman, A. W. Dealer in General Merchandise and Farm Implements Bismarck 25
Grossman, August Farmer Bismarck 1
Grossman, John Farmer Rogers 18
Grulke, C. W. Farmer Belknap 8
Grulke, Albert Farmer Bismarck 12
Grulke, Alfred Farmer Belknap 8
Gryko, Jos Farmer Rogers 24
Gryko, Louis Farmer Rogers 24
Gumm Bros. Dealer in Dry Goods, Clothing, Gents' Furnishing Goods, Boots and Shoes and General Merchandise City of Onaway  
Gumm, J. E. Dealer in General Merchandise City of Rogers  
Gunther, Louis Farmer Metz 11
Gureck, Geo Farmer Metz 20
Gzendsicki, Anton Farmer Posen 25
Gzensicki, Jos Farmer Posen 25
Hahn, Chas Farmer Posen 24
Hall, John Farmer Allis 20
Hallbauer, Fred Farmer Moltke 7
Hallman, Antone Farmer Metz 3
Hallman, Frank Farmer Metz 11
Hamann, Fred Farmer Moltke 16
Hamilton, John Farmer Presque Isle 19
Hamilton, O. Farmer Bismarck 28
Hamilton, Robert Farmer Presque Isle 19
Hanakow, Wm. Farmer Belknap 3
Hansen, Henry H. House and Carriage Painting, Paper Hanging and Decorating City of Rogers  
Hansen, Thomas Carpenter Belknap  
Hardies, Albert Cigar Manufactor The Celebrated "A. H. Brand" and "5-cent Straight) Bismarck Hawks village
Hardies, Bros. Dealers in General Merchandise and all kinds of Farm Implements, Hay and Feed; also Hoover Potato Diggers City of Metz  
Hardies, Edward Farmer Metz 2
Hardies, Theo C. Register of Deeds City of Rogers  
Hardies, Theo. Register of Deeds City of Metz  
Hardies, Wm Farmer Belknap 20
Hardwick, Fred Farmer Rogers 18
Harrison, Nathaniel Farmer Krakow 34
Hart, Chas. Farmer Allis 30
Hart, W. A. Farmer Ocqueoc 4
Haselhahn, Edward Farmer Belknap 24
Haselhahn, Geo. Farmer Belknap 24
Haselhahn, M. Farmer Belknap 24
Haselhahn, Wm. Farmer Belknap 7
Hasenburg, Ed Farmer Belknap 20
Hasenburg, Herman Dealer in Fresh and Salt Meats; also Lumbering City of Rogers  
Haske, Anton Farmer Posen 18
Haske, Frank Farmer Posen 18
Haske, John Farmer Metz 4
Haske, Jos Farmer Belknap 6
Hathaway, W. A. Timber Jobber, Land Looker, and Farmer Bearinger 32
Hawkes, F. E. General Hardware, Farm Implements and Mill Supplies Millersburg  
Heath, Allen E. Farmer Ocqueoc 4
Heath, H. L. Proprietor of Feed and Saw Mill Case 23
Heath, W. E. Farmer Ocqueoc 11
Hegner, H. Manufacturer and Dealer in all kinds of Lumber Millersburg  
Hein, Albert Farmer Moltke 21
Hein, August Farmer Metz 2
Hein, John Farmer Metz 4
Henke, Fred Farmer Moltke 35
Hensel, Roy D. Physician and Surgeon City of Onaway  
Herbert, Joseph Farmer Ocqueoc 21
Heron, Chas Farmer Case 16
Heslip, Mathew Farmer and County Surveyor Belknap 11
Heslip, Robert Farmer Belknap 14
Hill, Ben Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars Millersburg  
Hilla, Frank Farmer Posen 19
Himes, C. G. Manager for the Cleveland Cedar Co. Dealer in Cedar Poles, Railroad Ties, etc. City of Onaway  
Hincka, Jos Farmer Posen 21
Hinz, Fred Farmer Belknap 12
Hodges, H. J. Farmer Allis 7
Hodges, S. G. Farmer Allis 7
Hoeft, Albert A. Farmer Moltke 15
Hoeft, John Farmer Moltke 22
Hoeft, P. H. Dealer in General Merchandise and Lumber, Railroad Ties, Cedar Posts, Staves and Heading City of Rogers  
Hoeh, H. J. Farmer Moltke 25
Hoffman, Emil Farmer Belknap 33
Hoffman, Robert Postmaster and Dealer in Cedar Poles and Railroad Ties, Tanbark, Real Estate and Lands City of Metz  
Holihan, R. P. Dealer in Real Estate, Poles, Ties, and Tanbark. I can furnish most anything special in timber that grows in this country. Millersburg  
Holman, Jos. Farmer Belknap 30
Hopp, Albert Farmer Belknap 8
Hopp, Chas Farmer Belknap 1
Hopp, Chas. Farmer Belknap 26
Hopp, John Farmer Belknap 24
Hopp, Mrs. John Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Clothing, Notions, etc. Belknap 24
Hoppe, Aug Farmer Metz 29
Horn, Chas Farmer Rogers 32
Hornbacher, Wm Farmer Rogers 16
Howell, D. C. Physician and Surgeon City of Onaway  
Howich, M. Farmer Bismarck 30
Huber, V. D. Lumber Merchant Bismarck 25
Hull, Chas. P. Attorney-at-law City of Onaway  
Hunter E. Farmer Ocqueoc 8
Hurst, Sam Farmer Bismarck 34
Hutchins, Lewis Farmer Bearinger 22
Ingalls, George Farmer Case 26
Inglis, James & Sons Farmer and Dealer in Real Estate and Village Property Millersburg  
Inglis, John Farmer Case 26
Isaminger, C. N. Physician and Surgeon City of Rogers  
Jackcik, Salamea Farmer Posen 26
Jackson, Thos. Farmer Posen 32
Jacobs, Charles Farmer Belknap 21
James, E. J. Manager for the Onaway Mercantile Co., Ltd. Dealer in General Merchandise. City of Onaway  
Janiszewski, George Dealer in General Merchandise City of Posen  
Jaraz, John Farmer Posen 33
Jaraz, Thos. Farmer Posen 34
Jarmuszewski, Conrad Farmer Krakow 32
Jarmuszewski, John Farmer Krakow 28
Jarvis F. Farmer Ocqueoc 21
Jarvis, P. A. Farmer and Township Clerk Ocqueoc 21
Jarzewski, Jos Farmer Posen 27
Johnson, H. W. Farmer Bearinger 22
Johnson, Jas. Farmer Allis 18
Joppich, Adolph Farmer Moltke 34
Joppich, Edward Farmer Moltke 34
Judge, Wm. Blacksmith Wagon-maker and Repairing. Owner of "Billy J." sired by AEthon No. 13889 record 2.191/4 trial mile 2.17 half-mile 1.021/2, quarter mile 30 seconds City of Onaway  
Juhn, Henry Farmer Belknap 16
Jureck, Jos Farmer Metz 19
Kalitta, B Farmer Belknap 9
Kamiszek, Claus Farmer Posen 18
Kandan, Aug Farmer Belknap 36
Kanjeick, V Farmer Metz 13
Kannenberg, Frank Farmer Metz 12
Kapala, Kasper Farmer Posen 23
Kapala, M Farmer Metz 15
Kapala, Peter Farmer Posen 22
Kapala, W. Farmer Posen 22
Karniszek, Anton Farmer Posen 26
Karsten, Albert Farmer Moltke 26
Karsten, Herman Farmer Moltke 29
Kaspizek, P. Farmer Posen 10
Kauffman, Geo. F. Farmer Presque Isle 4
Kauffman, J. E. Farmer Presque Isle 33
Kaufman, John Farmer and Supervisor Presque Isle 33
Kellogg, A. Farmer Allis 30
Kendjorski, John Farmer Krakow 8
Kennedy, Wm. Farmer Presque Isle 31
Kenninski, S. Farmer Posen 34
Kenyseck, Magdalena Farmer Posen 22
Kerr, Geo Farmer Rogers 24
Kerr, Hannah Farmer Ocqueoc 5
Kerr, Hilton Farmer Ocqueoc 4
Kerr, Mary Farmer Case 17
Kidd, Wm. Farmer Allis 7
Kieliszewski, Thos Farmer Posen 4
Kieliszewski, Josephine Farmer Posen 4
Kieliszewski, W. Farmer Posen 2
Kierzek, Jos Farmer Posen 22
Kimball, Lambert Farmer Allis 30
King, Henry Farmer Case 21
King, John Farmer Presque Isle 4
Kirchhoff, Charles Farmer Krakow 14
Kirkruff, Geo. Farmer Allis 17
Kitchen, H. G. Proprietor of City Hotel City of Rogers  
Klann, Gottfreid Farmer Moltke 27
Klanzewski, Albert Farmer Posen 24
Klee, Chris Farmer Belknap 7
Klee, Henry J. School Teacher Belknap 7
Klee, Wm. Farmer Belknap 8
Kleiber, Charles Farmer Bismarck 36
Klein, A. Dealer in General Merchandise, Cedar Poles and Ties Millersburg  
Klien, Aug Farmer Posen 18
Klien, John Farmer Posen 25
Kline, Antony Farmer Belknap 25
Kline, Aug Farmer Belknap 24
Klott, August Farmer Allis 18
Klous, John Farmer Belknap 19
Klowckowski, Aug Farmer Metz 10
Knapp, George F. Farmer Allis 31
Knopf, H. Farmer Belknap 21
Knopf, P Farmer Belknap 21
Kohnvert, August Farmer Rogers 21
Konieczny, Frank Farmer, Thresher and Highway Commissioner Metz 10
Konieczny, Steven Farmer Metz 4
Koninski, John Farmer Posen 19
Konumski, S. Farmer Posen 5
Konwinski, John Farmer Posen 20
Konwinski, Stan Farmer and Highway Commissioner Posen 20
Konwinski, Stanely Farmer Posen 20
Kopelowski, Wm Farmer Metz 36
Kopidlowski, M. Farmer Belknap 30
Kornonski, Mat. Farmer Posen 25
Kortman, F., Jr. Farmer Belknap 12
Kortman, F., Sr. Farmer Belknap 12
Kortman, H. Farmer Posen 7
Kosinski, John Farmer Posen 3
Kosloske, herman Farmer Belknap 2
Koslowsky, Wm. Farmer Belknap 27
Koss, Anton Farmer Posen 34
Koss, Jos Farmer Posen 19
Koss, Joseph Farmer Posen 19
Kossman, Louis Farmer Moltke 21
Kosssman, Ben Farmer Moltke 21
Kousnick, Fred Farmer Rogers 19
Kowalevsky, Albert Farmer Metz 11
Kowalske, John Farmer Belknap 20
Kowalske, Jos. Farmer Belknap 24
Kowalski, Aug Farmer Posen 19
Kowalski, Jacob Farmer Posen 27
Kowalski, L. Farmer Posen 3
Kowalski, T. Farmer Posen 31
Kraft, Charles Farmer Belknap 4
Kraft, Wm Farmer Belknap 8
Krajniak, John Farmer Posen 31
Kramer, Gus Farmer Moltke 16
Kraniak, M Farmer Metz 25
Kranzo, William Farmer Bismarck 36
Kreft, Henry Farmer Rogers 34
Kreklow, A. Farmer Belknap 12
Kristkowak, John Farmer Metz 13
Kroll, Albert Farmer Ocqueoc 20
Kroll, Andrew Farmer Posen 3
Kroll, Frank Farmer Posen 32
Krosh, Mrs. E. Farmer Belknap 31
Krueger, L. Farmer Belknap 32
Kuczynski, B. Farmer Posen 18
Kuczynski, St. Farmer Posen 18
Kuczynski, V. Farmer Posen 18
Kufel, Simon Farmer Krakow 30
Kufel, Simon Farmer Posen 5
Kuhlman, L. Carpenter City of Rogers  
Kuhlman, Max County Sheriff City of Rogers  
Kunz, Chas. Farmer Posen 14
Kunze, Theo Farmer Posen 23
Kurazenski, R. Farmer Krakow 29
Kurkerewicz, L. Farmer Metz 30
Kurkusewicz, J. Farmer Posen 7
Kuszajewski, Val Farmer Krakow 21
Kuzna, Michael Farmer Posen 34
Kuznicki, Anton Farmer Krakow 9
La Fortune, Mrs. E. Farmer Allis 19
Labodie, James Farmer Case 18
Ladach, Albert Farmer Posen 32
Lafeneer, David Farmer Bismarck 35
Lafeneer, John Farmer Bismarck 35
Laflour, Henry Timber Jobber Case 18
Lagner, Al Farmer Metz 10
Laird, W. Farmer Allis 32
Lake, F. Street Commissioner City of Onaway  
Lamb, G. Farmer Belknap 1
Lamb, Henry Farmer Belknap 11
Lamb, John Farmer Belknap 1
Lamb, Patrick A. Farmer Belknap 11
Lamb, Thos Farmer Rogers 24
Lamb, Thos. Foreman for Hoeft & Son Rogers 24
Lang, Emil Farmer Case 26
Lange, G. Adolph Farmer Case 23
Lapczinski, John Farmer Krakow 9
Larke, Fred Denny Dealer in Drugs, Books, School Supplies, Timber and Real Estate; also Postmaster City of Rogers  
Larson, Chas Farmer Posen 31
Larson, Thos Farmer Posen 31
Latich. Wm Farmer Belknap 7
Lavandowski, C. Farmer Metz 10
Lawandoski, Joseph Farmer Krakow 5
Lawler, John Farmer Case 9
Lewandowski, Jos Farmer Posen 15
Lewandowski, Paul Farmer Posen 22
Lewandowski, Peter Farmer Posen Vil
Lewandowski, Rev Joseph A. Roman Catholic Clergyman City of Posen  
Lewandowski, T. Farmer Posen 9
Lewis, E. M. Dealer in General Merchandise. Manufacturer of and Dealer in all kinds of Lumber Millersburg  
Lindell, Chas. Manufacturer of and Dealer in Lumber Case 7
Liske, Jos Farmer Posen 20
Liske, Joseph Farmer Posen 20
Lister, Fred Dealer in Pine and Hardwood Lumber, Pine and Cedar Singles Millersburg  
Lobdell & Baily Mfg Company Manufactures of and Dealers in Lumber, Shingles, Broom Handles and Bicycle and Buggy Rims City of Onaway  
Lound, Edward Farmer Ocqueoc 18
Lound, Wm Farmer Ocqueoc 17
Ludwig, Fred Farmer Krakow 33
Luedke, Carl Farmer Metz 12
Luetzow, August Farmer Moltke 27
Luetzow, Carl Farmer Moltke 16
Luetzow, Herman Farmer Moltke 18
Lumback, Frank Farmer Krakow 31
Lyefski, F Farmer Metz 36
Lynch, O. J. Farmer Metz 2
Macfalda, John Farmer Posen 33
Mahoney, Dan Manufacturer and Dealer in Lumber City of Onaway  
Mahrtens, Henryt Farmer Belknap 3
Majenski, Thos Farmer Posen 4
Makowski, A. Farmer Metz 19
Makowski, Frank Farmer Metz 9
Malak, Stanislaus Farmer Metz 18
Mamp, Aug Farmer Bismarck 1
Manke, Adam Surveyor and Land Looker City of Rogers  
Marquette, Louis Farmer Krakow 32
Marzewski, Frank Farmer Posen 36
Marzewski, Jos Farmer Posen 36
Mathies, Chas. Farmer Belknap 35
Mathies, F. Farmer Belknap 27
Matuszewski, W. Farmer Posen 28
Matuszewski, John Farmer Posen 17
Maynard, J. Farmer Case 16
Maza, Frank Farmer Posen 5
McArthur, William Farmer Belknap 22
McConnell, Huber McConnell Huber Lumber Company Bismarck 25
McDonald, Alex Farmer and Lumberman Presque Isle 17
McDonald, Angus Farmer Case 27
McDonald, J. Farmer Allis 17
McDonald, M Farmer Case 16
McDougall, F. E. Dealer in Cedar Poles and Ties Millersburg  
McGann, J. E. Farmer Allis 16
McGuire, J. Farmer Allis 28
McIntosh, James Farmer Case 25
McIntyre, A. Farmer Bearinger 24
McIntyre, John Farmer Rogers 36
McMillen, Joseph Land Looker Bismarck 15
McMullan, Wm. Roe Farmer and Lumberman Allis 19
McNeill, Alex Land Looker and Farmer Bearinger 32
Meade, C. S. Dealer in Jewelry and Silverware City of Onaway  
Meden, William Farmer Moltke 34
Mende, Got Farmer Moltke 35
Mende, H. H. Barber City of Rogers  
Merediith, Thos. Farmer Belknap 23
Meredith, Wm Farmer Belknap 24
Merrill, E. Farmer Allis 30
Merrill, Everett Farmer Allis 30
Merrill, L. Farmer Allis 8
Merrill, Luther B. Lumbering Allis 8
Mexsa, Casper Farmer Krakow 23
Middaugh, John Farmer Ocqueoc 32
Miland, J. Farmer Allis  
Milke, John Farmer Belknap 6
Miller, James Proprietor of Michigan Hotel, Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars Millersburg  
Miller, Chris Farmer Allis 28
Miller, D. Farmer Ocqueoc 21
Miller, Emil Farmer Krakow 5
Miller, Mrs. August Farmer Krakow 5
Mills, Robt. Farmer Allis 27
Milostan, Stan Farmer Posen 9
Minton, Michael Farmer Krakow 33
Mintyt, Thos Farmer Metz 20
Misiak, Frank Farmer Posen 3
Miszak, Peter Farmer Krakow 29
Mitchel, R. Manufacturer and Dealer in all kinds of Lumber Providence  
Mitchell, Geo. C. Farmer Belknap 7
Mitko, Al Farmer Posen 4
Modrzinski, Jos Farmer Krakow 30
Monroe, Neil C. Physician and Surgeon Millersburg  
Morgan, George Farmer Allis 31
Moss, R. O. Township treasurer Millersburg  
Mulka, John Farmer Posen 32
Muszki, Mike Farmer Posen 4
Myers, Aug Farmer Belknap 6
Myers, G. L. Farmer Belknap 6
Myers, Julius Farmer Belknap 1
Myers, L. Farmer Belknap 13
Nagel, F., Jr. Farmer Belknap 22
Nagel, John, Jr. Farmer Belknap 27
Nagel, Julius Farmer Belknap 17
Nagle, G. F. Farmer Rogers 36
Nason, W. A. Farmer Allis 18
Neiman, Jos Farmer Posen  
Nelson, Wm Farmer Rogers 19
Newstead, Charles Farmer Allis 17
Newton, I. Farmer Belknap 22
Nicherson, S. M. Farmer Allis 20
Nichols, R. L. Farmer and Soliciting Agent Krakow 17
Niel, David Farmer Metz 2
Nilcher, Fred Farmer Posen 24
Noffze, Richard Ex. Sheriff City of Rogers  
Noffze, Theo Farmer Belknap 20
Nowak, J. Farmer Metz 13
Nowak, John, Sr. Farmer Posen 18
Nowick, John Farmer Metz 1
Nowicki, John Farmer Posen 35
Nowicki, John Farmer Posen 31
Nowicki, W. Farmer Posen 30
Ochowicz, Alex Farmer Posen 34
Ohlrich, L. Farmer Metz 23
Olmstead, H. Proprietor of the Colonial Hotel. Rates $1.00 per day and up. City of Onaway  
Olrich, John Farmer Belknap 2
Olson, Aaron Farmer Case 17
Onaway Telephone Company J. M. Clark, general manager City of Onaway  
O'Riley, Jas Farmer Allis 16
Osborne, W. H. Farmer Case 3
Osgood, C. H. Proprietor of Rogers City Bank and Onaway Bank; Abstractor City of Rogers  
Ostrofski, Frank Farmer Moltke 14
Pagel, Chas Farmer Rogers 33
Palaski, John Farmer Posen 4
Papke, Otto Farmer Belknap 19
Papke, Wm. Farmer Metz 4
Pardike, Aug Farmer Belknap 3
Parker, M. N. Farmer Rogers 26
Parnl, Frank Farmer Posen 32
Parr, W. D. Farmer Metz 2
Parris, H. L. Farmer Case 8
Partika, V. Farmer Posen 6
Patke, E. Farmer Rogers 24
Patke, Ernest Farmer Rogers 33
Paul, Julius Farmer Posen 30
Paul, Michaelina Farmer Posen 30
Paul, Mrs. C. Farmer Bearinger 15
Paul, Vincent Farmer Posen 30
Paull, Charles Farmer Belknap 6
Paull, F. Farmer Bismarck 1
Paull, John Farmer Belknap 6
Pauly, Henry Farmer Moltke 9
Pauly, Ludwig Farmer Moltke 9
Peano, Chas Farmer Rogers 31
Pearson, O. W. Farmer Allis 20
Peck, F. Farmer Allis 32
Peetz, Rudolph Farmer Bismarck 2
Peetz, Wm Farmer Moltke 36
Peltz, Emil Farmer and Supervisor Moltke 3
Pepper, John Farmer Case 15
Petchell, Anna Farmer Allis 19
Pettelkau, John Farmer Moltke 28
Philapiak, Frank Farmer Metz 9
Pickett, Chas. Farmer Allis 17
Pickett, John Farmer Allis 16
Pilarski, Bart Farmer Posen 8
Pilarski, Jos Farmer Metz 36
Pilarski, Jos Farmer Posen 16
Pine, John Farmer Metz 21
Pine, W. Farmer Belknap 23
Platz, Charles, Jr. County Clerk City of Rogers  
Platz, Frederick, C. Farmer and Real Estate Dealer City of Rogers  
Platz, Henry Dealer of Real Estate City of Rogers  
Plume, R. W. Farmer Ocqueoc 33
Poch, Emil Farmer Belknap 16
Poch, Rudolph Land Looker and Painter City of Rogers  
Podratz, Fred Farmer Moltke 7
Pojank, Adam Farmer Posen 22
Pokorski, John Farmer Posen 6
Pommerenke, Aug Farmer. Born in Pommeron, Germany September 22, 1844; came to America in 1869 and located in Detroit, Mich; came to this county and located where he now lives in 1869 Moltke 34
Pommerenke, Frank Farmer Moltke 35
Pommerenke, Fred Farmer Moltke 35
Pommerenke, Leo Farmer Moltke 35
Poplinski, Leon Farmer Posen 21
Poplinski, Mart Farmer Posen 21
Poroll, Frank Farmer Posen 11
Porter & Bertrand Manufactures and Dealers in Shingles, Cedar Ties, Poles and Posts City of Onaway  
Porter, P. Farmer Allis 29
Potzger, Rev. B. Lutheran Clergyman Belknap 17
Pratt, E. B. Livery, Sale and Feed Stable City of Onaway  
Prell, Aug Farmer Belknap 34
Prell, Henry Farmer Belknap 27
Prell, John Farmer Belknap 12
Presque Isle County Advance Larke and Platz, editors and proprietors City of Rogers  
Priczinski, A. Farmer Posen 19
Priczinski, Wm Farmer Posen 20
Proma, Frank Farmer and Supervisor Krakow 34
Proma, Jacob Farmer Posen 7
Prosser, O. Farmer Allis 29
Proulkowski, W. Farmer Posen 21
Przibyla, W. Farmer Posen 31
Przybyla & Wozniac Dealers in General Merchandise City of Posen  
Purdy, R. Farmer Metz 15
Purgiel, Frank Farmer Posen 8
Purgiel, John Farmer Posen 16
Putzig, Emil Farmer Belknap 29
Putzige, Fred Farmer Belknap 1
Quade, Wm Farmer Rogers 31
Rabiteau, Nelson Farmer Presque Isle 35
Radke, A. Farmer Rogers 29
Radke, F. Farmer Rogers 32
Raheshaw, Philip Farmer Krakow 34
Randall, Dan Farmer Allis 29
Raniszewski, Jacob Farmer Krakow 21
Reed, Edwin T. County Attorney City of Rogers  
Reisner, Fred Dealer in General Merchandise and Farmer Belknap 14
Rembowski, John M. Farmer Krakow 30
Repke, Albert Farmer Moltke 21
Rex, August Lutheran Clergyman Belknap 33
Rice, Ida M. School Teacher City of Rogers  
Richards, Jos Farmer Posen 24
Rieger, Adolph Farmer Moltke 25
Rieger, Edward Farmer Ocqueoc 32
Rieger, Fred Farmer Moltke 26
Riley, George H. Farmer Allis 31
Rilta, Frank Farmer Posen 21
Ringwelski, John Farmer Posen 22
Ristow, John Farmer Belknap 7
Ristow, L. Farmer Belknap 2
Ritzler, E. Farmer Belknap 5
Ritzler, Joseph, Jr. Farmer Rogers 32
Ritzler, Joseph, Sr. Farmer Rogers 34
Rivers, Joseph Timber Jobber Bearinger  
Robbins, Chancy Farmer Ocqueoc 8
Roberts, Charles W. Farmer Allis 19
Roberts, John H. Farmer Allis 19
Robins, C. M. Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, also General Lumberman Supplies Millersburg  
Robinson, A. C. Farmer and Lumberman Allis 7
Roeske, Carl Farmer Moltke 16
Roeske, Fred Farmer Moltke 16
Rogers, D. A. Farmer Bearinger 23
Rohring, Fred Farmer Metz 12
Romel, Baltzer Farmer Posen 29
Romel, Frank Farmer Posen 33
Romel, Wm Farmer Posen 29
Ronowski, W. Farmer Posen 37
Rosenberg, Sam Farmer Metz 2
Rosenberg, S. Manager for Steinborn & Rosenberg City of Metz  
Rosing, William Farmer Presque Isle 20
Rowe, Mike Farmer Allis 29
Rowell, David Correspondent of Agricultural Department, Washington, D.C., Nursery Stock Agent, and Farmer Krakow 6
Ruezinski, Michael Farmer Krakow 17
Rush, Henry Farmer Belknap 13
Ryan, Bridgett Farmer Allis 12
Sachs, Wm. E. Blacksmith, Wagon maker and Repairing Millersburg  
Sage, Henry Farmer Case 23
Sanderson, Edward Farmer Allis 28
Sanderson, J. A. Farmer Allis 19
Sanderson, James Farmer Allis 19
Sayer, William G. Farmer Allis 29
Schadig, August Farmer Moltke 20
Schadig, Carl Farmer Moltke 16
Schadig, John Farmer Moltke 17
Schadig, Wm Farmer Moltke 16
Schalk, Chas. R. Farmer Belknap 33
Schalk, Chas. R. Farmer Belknap 33
Schalk, Fred Farmer. Born in Germany June 12, 1840; came to America in 1868 and located in Detroit; moved to Presque Isle County in 1883 and located where he now resides in 1890; married to Henrietta Bruder November 14, 1867; parents of two sons and three daughters Moltke 15
Schalk, John Farmer Belknap 30
Schalk, Otto Farmer Belknap 30
Schandt, Jos Farmer Posen 7
Schaudt, Albert Farmer Posen 7
Schaudt, Joseph Farmer Posen 7
Schefk, John Farmer Posen 23
Schepke, Julius Farmer Bismarck 36
Schepkey, John Farmer Bismarck 36
Schlager, John Farmer Belknap 17
Schlager, Wm Farmer Belknap 6
Schlieben, Chas. Farmer Bismarck 3
Schlieben, Fred Farmer Bismarck 2
Schmekel & Co., Otto A. Dealers in Dry Goods, Clothing, Books and Shoes, Notions, Hardware Utensils, etc. City of Rogers  
Schmidt, George Farmer and Lumberman Ocqueoc 18
Schmidt, Michael Farmer and Fisherman Ocqueoc 20
Schmidt, Rev. Leonard Moltke 35
Schmidt, Walter Farmer Allis 13
Schmidt, Wm Ex. Register of Deeds and abstractor City of Rogers  
Schmoldt, Aug. Farmer Posen 11
Schneider, Albert E. Farmer Krakow 34
Schoewe, Reinhardt Farmer Moltke 22
Schott, Augustt Farmer Metz 12
Schott, Frank Farmer Posen 27
Schoudt, Chas Farmer Metz 22
Schram, Louis Farmer Belknap 22
Schroder, A. Farmer Metz 12
Schroder, Louis Farmer Krakow 7
Schuler, John Farmer Bearinger 32
Schultz, Charles Farmer Moltke 33
Schultz, Julius Farmer Moltke 22
Schultz, William Farmer Belknap 35
Schwiesow, John Farmer Belknap 28
Selke, Fred Farmer Belknap 20
Sellke, Albert Dealer in General merchandise, Cedar Poles, and Ties Belknap 31
Semp, Jacob Farmer Posen 20
Semp, Anton Farmer Posen 20
Sezerawski, John Farmer Krakow 19
Shaw, Thos. E. Farmer and Dealer in Real Estate City of Onaway  
Shebella, John Farmer Metz 15
Shebella, Jos Farmer Metz 15
Shelly, E. Farmer Posen 13
Shelly, John Farmer Posen 14
Shulz, Wm. C Farmer Metz 2
Shulz, Wm. G. Lumberman Metz 12
Sias, H. L. Clerk for C. R. Willings, banker Millersburg  
Skeba, Jacob Farmer Krakow 4
Skeba, John Farmer Krakow 4
Skerski, Anton Farmer Krakow 28
Skerski, John Farmer Krakow 28
Skilba, F. J. Farmer Krakow 9
Skovranak, A. Farmer Metz 36
Skowrronek, Julius Farmer Posen 5
Smarcz, Andrew Farmer Posen 21
Smigelski, Anthony Farmer Krakow 17
Smigelski, Frank Farmer Krakow 17
Smith, Wm. Dealer in Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats Millersburg  
Smith, H. Farmer Allis 16
Smith, Henry Farmer Belknap 11
Smith, John Farmer Belknap 11
Smith, Joseph & Co., Ltd Dealers in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hardware, Drugs. All kinds of farm produce and agricultural implements. City of Posen  
Smith, Rosy Farmer Posen 17
Smolenski, Adam Farmer Posen 21
Smolenski, F. Farmer Posen 27
Smolenski, John Farmer Posen 22
Snody, J. R. Druggist and Dealer in Timber Lands City of Onaway  
Snowden, J. Farmer Bismarck 25
Sobata, Ignatz Farmer Krakow 20
Sobeck, Peter Farmer Posen 8
Sobek, Al Farmer Posen 17
Sollinger, John Farmer City of Rogers  
Sommer, Albert Farmer Bismarck 36
Sommerfield, E. A. Farmer Posen 24
Sontag, L. Farmer Rogers 29
Sorgat, Chas. Farmer Bismarck 26
Sorgenfrei, Fred Farmer Moltke 23
Sorgenfrei, Frederick Farmer. Born in Holstein, Germany, August 9.1832; served in the Danish army 18 months, First Company of the 17th Balalion Infantry; came to America July 25, 1868; and settled in Detroit; moved to Presque Isle County, May 1870 and settled where he now lives; married to Anna K. Varn in 1857; wife was born in Germany, April 28, 1828, and died August 13, 1899; Parents of four children, two sons and one daughter living. Moltke 25
Sorgenfrei, Wm Farmer Moltke 23
Sorget, August Justice of the Peace and Farmer Bismarck 36
Sorget, William Farmer and Lumberman Bismarck 36
Spens, Edward Farmer and Manufacturer of Lumber, Lath and Singles Rogers 31
Spens, Wm Farmer Rogers 28
Splitt, H. Farmer Metz 13
Splitt, Joseph Farmer Metz 12
St. Clair, Andrew Farmer Ocqueoc 32
St. Clair, Robert Blacksmith and Farmer Ocqueoc 4
Staneski, Casimer Farmer Krakow 23
Steele, John Farmer Belknap 12
Steele, Wm Farmer Rogers 24
Stefanski, Frank Farmer Posen 29
Stegeman, Bros Albert A. Stegeman Attorney and Counsellor of Law City of Onaway  
Stegeman, C. B. Manufacturer of Shingles Allis  
Steinborn & Rosenberg Dealers in General Merchandise, Ties, Poles, Posts, Etc. City of Metz  
Steinke, Wm Farmer Rogers 31
Sterns, George Farmer Bismarck 35
Sterzeleski, Jacob Farmer Posen 28
Stima, Paul Farmer Posen 8
Stima, Paul Farmer Posen 16
Stoinski, Geo. Farmer Metz 24
Stoinski, John Farmer Metz 24
Stosic, John Farmer and Timber Jobber Posen 3
Stosic, John Farmer Posen 3
Stozik, Michael Farmer Posen 29
Streich, R. Farmer Rogers 33
Stricker, Al Farmer Belknap 16
Struch, Rudolf Belknap  
Studt, H. Farmer Belknap 18
Stuett, Fred Farmer Krakow 33
Stuett, John Farmer Krakow 32
Sunday, Chas. Farmer Case 17
Swankowski, John Farmer Posen 13
Swankowski, John Farmer Posen 13
Syteck, John Farmer Metz 21
Sytek, Martin Farmer Metz 3
Szatkonski, I. S. Farmer Posen 33
Szatkonski, John Farmer Posen 33
Szatkowski, Bros. Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealers City of Posen  
Szemanski, Mike Farmer Posen 25
Szimanski, Chas Farmer Belknap 36
Szipulewski, Anthony Farmer Krakow 4
Szmanski, Mike Farmer Posen 14
Szydolowski, Andrew Farmer Posen 3
Szymanski, John Farmer Metz 1
Szymanski, Jos Farmer Metz 1
Taber, John Hammand Farmer Bearinger 35
Tadajewski, Louis Farmer Krakow 34
Tadajewski, Mike Farmer Krakow 34
Talaska, W. Farmer Posen 3
Tankey, A. (Tonkey?) Farmer Case 10
Taratuta, Nafton Farmer Posen 17
Tarrach, Chas Farmer Metz 11
Tatro, F. H. Farmer Ocqueoc 17
Taylor, Thos Farmer Belknap 23
Teets, A. Farmer Allis 6
The City Livery Montague & Kimball, proprietors. New rigs, new teams, new barns, Special attention to commercial men. We take you anywhere. City of Onaway  
Thompson, Perry G. Manufacturer of Shingles Case 20
Tippman, Mrs. H. Farmer Belknap 16
Tisdale, H. D. Publisher of "The Onaway Outlook" Commercial Printing a specialty. All work executed and at reasonable prices. City of Onaway  
Tornow, Christopher Farmer Moltke 20
Tosch, Carl Farmer Moltke 22
Tosch, Herman Farmer Moltke 22
Trand, Isaac Farmer Allis 26
Trapp, Aug Farmer Belknap 17
Trapp, Chas. Farmer Krakow 33
Trapp, Henry Farmer Krakow 33
Trapp, Julius Farmer Bismarck 35
Trapp, Wm. Farmer Bismarck 27
Tratuta, Alex Farmer Posen 17
Tucker, J. F. Farmer Ocqueoc 30
Tufts, Fred H. Dealer in Wines, Liquors and Cigars City of Onaway  
Tulgestke, August Farmer Moltke 27
Tulgestke, Ernest Farmer Moltke 27
Tulgestke, Fred Farmer Moltke 28
Tulgestke, Max Farmer Moltke 16
Turner, Wm Farmer Belknap 11
Turski, F Farmer Posen 17
Turuch, F. Farmer Metz 24
Urban, Carl Farmer Metz 24
Urban, Geo Farmer Belknap 2
Urban, Jacob Farmer Posen 7
Urban, Jas Farmer Metz 24
Urban, John Dealer in General Merchandise, Wines, Liquors and Cigars City of Posen  
Urban, M. Farmer Metz 24
Urlaub, Herman Farmer Bismarck 35
Urlaub, Louis Farmer Bismarck 36
Valentine, Jos. Farmer Bismarck 14
Van Guilder, L. Farmer Case 26
Van Horn, C. E. Farmer and Lumberman Allis 17
Van Sipe, John Timber Jobber City of Onaway  
Vanloon, Wm. A. Farmer Metz 12
Venner, D. Farmer Allis 9
Viegelahn, Henry Manufactor and Dealer in lumber and shingles Belknap 23
Vilburn, Jos Farmer Ocqueoc 28
Vilburn, Wm. Farmer Ocqueoc 28
Vincent, D. Dealer in General Merchandise and Forest Products, Manufacturer of Lumber and Shingles. Planing mill in connection City of Posen  
Vogelheim, Joseph Proprietor of International Hotel City of Rogers  
Vogler, Carl Farmer. Born in Pommern, Germany, August 30, 1846; came to America in 1871 and landed in Detroit, November 17th; came to Presque Isle County in 1872; and located where he now resides; married to Caroline Tiedeman October 13, 1871, who was born in the same place March 2, 1845; married in Germany; parents of three sons and five daughters. Moltke 27
Vogler, Carl Farmer Moltke 27
Voorhees & Company Dealers in Drugs and Medicines City of Onaway  
Voss, Otto Farmer Moltke 18
Wagner, Chas Farmer Posen 14
Wagner, A. Farmer Metz 14
Wagner, Aug Farmer Belknap 15
Wagner, F. Farmer Belknap 15
Walker, Mrs. Farmer Ocqueoc 21
Walker, Mrs. J. D. Farmer Case 10
Wallace, William Farmer Case 27
Waloszik, L. Farmer Posen 3
Waloszik, M. Farmer Posen 10
Walter, F. Farmer Belknap 26
Walter, Gustave Farmer Ocqueoc 20
Walter, Oscar Farmer Moltke 16
Walters, Mrs. B. Farmer Rogers 34
Walton, B. V. Dealer in Hardware and Farm Implements City of Onaway  
Waring, E. Farmer Allis 30
Warner, J. W. Farmer Allis 19
Warren, T. W. Farmer Rogers 26
Wasilk, Anton Farmer Posen 33
Weckfert, Thos Farmer Posen 33
Weide, Wm Farmer Krakow 33
Weilsy, F. Farmer Posen 31
Weinkoff, Dan Farmer Posen 2
Weirmeier, John Farmer Case 26
Wellesley, E. W. Farmer Belknap 7
Wenzel G. C. Farmer Rogers 31
Wenzel, B. Farmer Rogers 31
Wenzel, Gus Farmer Rogers 31
Wenzel, Otto Farmer Rogers 31
Weselerski, Mike Farmer Posen 5
Wetmer, Julius Farmer Bismarck 32
Wetzel, Edward Dealer in General merchandise, Cedar Poles, and Ties Belknap 35
Wheelock, E. Farmer Allis 8
White, Albert Farmer Case 27
White, Joseph Farmer Presque Isle 34
Whitely, Henry Attorney at law and Publisher and proprietor of the Presque Isle County News Millersburg  
Whitman, F. Manager for the Hutchinson Veneer Co. City of Onaway  
Wickersham, Otto L. Township Clerk City of Onaway  
Wiesgart, Carl Farmer Moltke 35
Wiesnewski, Farmer Metz 18
Wilcox, A Farmer Bismarck 35
Wilke, F. Farmer Rogers 33
Willings, C. R., The Exchange Responsibility $10,000. Money loaned on real estate, Collections Millersburg  
Wilson, J. C. Hotel Keeper and Lumberman Bismarck 36
Wilson, Mat Dealer in General merchandise, Cedar Poles, and Ties Belknap 24
Wilson, W. A. Farmer Belknap 24
Wilson, W. H. Dealer in Heavy and shelf hardware, farming implements, wagon carriages, sleighs, cutters, engines, threshing machines, hay presses, harness sewing machines, mill machinery, lumbering supplies, sporting goods, groceries, paints, oils, etc. Belknap 24
Wirgau, Charles Farmer Belknap 9
Wirgau, Herman Farmer Belknap 5
Wirgau, John Farmer Belknap 6
Wisa, Peter Farmer Krakow 19
Wisneski, Albert Farmer Krakow 15
Wisnewski, Bart Farmer Krakow 30
Wisnewski, Michael Farmer Krakow 31
Wisnowski, Anton Farmer Krakow 29
Wisnowski, Bart Farmer Krakow 29
Wisterman, Geo Farmer Rogers 31
Wisterman, George Farmer Rogers 31
Witucki, Frank Farmer Posen 18
Wiza, Anton Farmer Posen 2
Wojda, Jos Farmer Posen 3
Wojda, Michaeline Farmer Posen 5
Wolgast, August Farmer Moltke 22
Woloszyk, Joseph Farmer Krakow 7
Wolter, August Farmer Krakow 7
Wozman, W. Farmer Posen 3
Wozniak, Albert Farmer Krakow 8
Woznik, W. Farmer Posen 10
Wright E. Farmer Presque Isle 31
Wright, James Farmer Case 2
Wright, Robert H. Editor and proprietor the "Onaway Enter Lake" City of Onaway  
Wykariasz, S. Farmer Posen 29
Wyrembelski, Andrew Farmer Posen 18
Yager, Chris Farmer Posen 20
Yarch, Thos Farmer Metz 2
Yeoks, Wm., Sr. Farmer Rogers 32
Yeoks, Wm. Jr. Farmer Rogers 32
Yerks, William, Jr. Farmer Rogers 31
Yerks, William, Sr. Farmer Rogers 31
Young, John Physician and Surgeon City of Onaway  
Zagorski, Max Farmer Posen 27
Zamanski, Jos Farmer Posen 32
Zapinske, Andrew Farmer and Lumberman Metz 19
Zart, John Farmer Rogers 31
Zbitowski, M. Farmer Posen 19
Zgorski, Jos Farmer Posen 17
Zieloskowski, John Farmer Krakow 30
Zimmerman, John Farmer and Carpenter Metz 2
Zinke, Carl Farmer Moltke 22
Zinke, M. F. School Teacher City of Rogers  
Zolgosz, W. Farmer Posen 29

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