1903 Case Township Tax Books
Contributed by Betty Brown

  1903 Case Township Tax Books


This is a list of names recorded in the 1903 Case Township Tax Book


Alderman, H. L.
Bartlett, William H.
Case, Chas. E.
Cougdon, George R.
Craig, Frank
Dafoe & Scott
Freel, H.
Furgerson, Mrs. William
Fyke, Jake
Goodrich, George
Harrison, Ruth
Heath, H. L.
Hebur, Thos.
Hein, W. H.
Ingalls, George
Jhling & Evart
Kein & Lightner
Lewis, E. M.
Maynard, Bruce
Mitchell, R.
Monroe, N. C.
Moss, R. O.
Parr, W. H.
Rauks, A.
Robbins, C. M.
Schulty, J. H.
Smith, Fred
Whitley H.
Whitley & Son
Willings, C. R.
Witsit, Joe
Contributed by Betty Brown

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