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MIGenWeb Volunteer Guide

Welcome to MIGenWeb!  We are proud that we are a part of the MIGenWeb project and would like to help you develop a site or transcribe for one of the sites. We are dedicated to helping the MIGenWeb project grow to offer other genealogists a place to visit on the internet to help them learn about their ancestors and the lives they led in Michigan. If you would like to adopt a county or transcribe records please contact Jan Cortez (above).

Official MIGenWeb Notice - Please read and also link to this on the entry page to your county site (index, default).

Images For Your MIGenWeb Site - Required graphics and some optional ones that are related to this project.

Search Forms For Your Site - A text file with the code for the search form for YOUR COUNTY using the MIGenWeb Search Engine and the code for a form to search YOUR COUNTY in the MIGenWeb Archives.

MIGenWeb Guidelines for County Coordinators or a CC

Guidelines for USGenWeb County Coordinators or a CC

USGenWeb By Laws

General USGenWeb Volunteer Section - Many useful sections for coordinators are online here.

USGenWeb Survival Guide - things to read: Project Structure - Bylaws, Procedures, Guidelines - Elections/Voting - Communication - Resources for Your Site - Helpful Abbreviations

USGenWeb Website Design and Maintenance - help with html, programs you can download, sites with web graphics, etc.

Help For the Beginning Web Author - many help topics on building a web site and copyright issues covered.


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