Monteith School Class of 1939
Photo courtesy of WayneGenWeb Volunteer Louise Mantel
John Aaron, Street Car Conductor
Barbara Blood, Detroit, Michigan
Joy Road 1959--Garden City/Nankin
Ada Kirchoff Luncheon   early 1950's/Redford Burg School
Samuel George and Thelma Ioma Sanders---1952
1614 Howard Street, Detroit Michigan
Sanders Family--Mother's Day  1946
Belleville High Class of 1932 Class Picture
Fort and Shelby, Downtown Detroit Postcard
Brown Wedding
National Bisquit Company
Nichols School Pictures- Student Operetta Photos
Nichols School Pictures- Staff and Student Photos
Ryntz Family Weddings
Highland Park Baseball Team 1906 & Gerald Street
Hahn Bakery (owner Henry Hahn)
Edwin Denby Class of 1935
Catherine Kelly Hartman
Ecorse Class of 1935
Peter Julius Hartman
Peter Julius and Catherine Kelly Hartman
Hinkle Co., Redford, 1912
Hinkle Children, Circa. 1913
Hinkle Home, Redford, Circa. 1917
Hinkle 50th Wedding Anniversary, 1949
Hinkle Reunion, 1947
Hinkle/Hall Wedding, 1899
Leland and Lowell Jacobs, Circa. 1913
Leland and Lowell Jacobs, Circa. 1923
Lowell Jacobs, All Star, 1927
Lena and Lott Jacobs, 1945
Old Redford-Grand River & Lahser Roads - 1906
Redford High School Yearbook Pictures
Oscar Wood of Detroit



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