Adas Gravesite Section 22; West Freel Highway; .3 miles on the south side of the road.
GPS: N 45° 19.622',W 84° 03.951'
Adeline Sims Gravesite Section 17, Grand Lake Road.Go to the building that looks like a lighthouse, by a park bench and rock memorial. Adeline's grave is under the power line and in the woods. There is a fence around it.
GPS: N 45° 20.285',W 83° 29.509'
North Section of Presque Isle
Bearinger Township (Grace) Section 12, Balch Highway one and one-quarter mile north of County Highway 646, 13 miles north of Onaway.
GPS:N 45° 30.763', W 84° 08.767'
Belknap Township Section 5, Klee Road one-quarter mile north of W. Ristow Highway.
GPS:N45° 21.785', W 83° 51.854'
Bell Section 24, Besser Bay Trail. Go .3 mi down dirt road until you find a two-track on the right hand side. Walk about 1/8 mile along two-track into woods.
GPS: N 45° 14.710',W 83° 25.054'
South part of Presque Isle
Bismarck Township - Hawks Section unknown, in Hawks at the corner of F21 and W 638 Highway.Walk up the hill. It is on the right hand side. Not used since circa 1930.
GPS: N 45° 18.129',W 83° 53.229'
Elmwood Section 7, M-33 and M-68, side by side with Saint Paulís Catholic Cemetery, Onaway.
GPS: N 45° 21.238',W 84° 14.591'
Faith Lutheran
Missouri Synod
Section 31,East side of County Highway 451, Hawks.Near New Hope Lutheran Cemetery.
GPS: N 45° 17.950',W 83° 53.122'

Read Aug. 2008
Raymond J.French,Sr. Gravesite Section 24, Just off Besser Bay Trail(first road to the right) at the Besser Natural Area. Near the power lines there is a large rock with a plaque.
GPS: N 45° 14.886',W 83° 25.155'
South part of Presque Isle
Green Graves (Black Lake State Forest) This cemetery is located on the gravel section of Townhall Road about 1 mile from the corner of Townhall and County Highway 489.There is a large group of bolders on the right side of the road. It is up a two-track that angles left off the road (right path) about Ĺ - ĺ miles in. There is a path off to the left.Take this path a short ways and on the left side there is a fenced in area.There are only 2 graves located here. The markers are situated on two large rocks. About 11 miles from Onaway.
GPS: N 45° 30.117' W 084° 12.751'
Hillcrest (South Allis)
Section 17, County Highway 638 and Pickett Road, 2 miles south of Onaway.
GPS: N 45° 19.510',W 84° 13.491'
Immanuel Lutheran Section 16, Church Highway, between Felax Rd. and N. Curtis Rd.
GPS: N 45° 24.820', W 83° 57.135'
Methodist Church Section 9, N. Ocqueoc Road.
GPS: N 45° 25.597',W 84° 05.284'
Metz Township
Est. 1902
Section 10, Centala Road between County Road 634 and N. Grand Lake Rd., Metz.
GPS: N 45° 16.097',W 83° 48.645'
Moltke Township Section 16, Felax Road between N. Church Highway and Beach Grove Highway.
GPS: N 45° 25.104', W 83° 56.904'
Mount Calvary Catholic Section 1, US-23, Rogers City
GPS: N 45° 22.053', W 83° 46.657'
New Bismarck Cemetery/ Old Hope Lutheran ChurchCemetery Section 35, County Highway 638,one mile west of Hawks on the south side.
GPS: N 45° 18.095',W 83° 54.649'
New German Lutheran (Saint Peter's Lutheran) Section 2, Metz Highway, Metz.
GPS: N 45° 17.365',W 83° 48.079'
New Hope Lutheran Section 31,East side of County Highway 451, Hawks. Near Faith Lutheran Cemetery.
GPS: N 45° 17.831',W 83° 53.155'
New St. Dominic's Catholic Go to Metz on County Road 441. First entrance is off Depot Rd.(same side of road as the church). Second entrance: turn onto Hoffman Rd. and continue on gravel road past the ball diamond. Continue to back entrance.
GPS: N 45° 17.081' W 083° 47.803'
North Allis Township
Surnames A-L
Surnames M-Z
Section 17 on M-211 near Black Lake State Park.It is on the corner of Hell's Highway and M-211.
GPS: N 45° 25.261',W 84° 13.715'
Ocqueoc Township Section 23, M-68.
GPS: N 45° 23.747',W 84° 02.461'
Old Saint Dominic's Catholic Section 10, Centela Road between County Highway 634 and N. Grand Lake Road, Metz.Near Metz Twp. Cem.
GPS: N 45° 16.226',W 83° 48.550'

Read Summer 2008
Old Hope Lutheran Church (Iowa Synod Lutheran)/New Bismarck Cemetery Section 35, County Highway 638,1 mile west of Hawks on the south side.
GPS: N 45° 18.095',W 83° 54.649'
Sam Painter's Grave Little Rainy Road
GPS: N 45° 17.172',W 84° 09.995'
Pinot Gravesite Go to the intersection of Oqueoc Rd and Glawe Hwy. Turn west off Oqueoc Rd. This family cemetery is on the north side of the road, .7 mile from Oqueoc Rd.This is on private property and you must ask the landowner's permission before you try to access this site. Ocqueoc
Presque Isle Section 21, Kauffman Road at Boys' Camp Road.
GPS: N 45° 19.534',W 83° 28.387'
North part of Presque Isle
Peace Lutheran Church Cemetery Behind the church at 1401 M 68 Highway, Rogers City
GPS: N 45° 24.451',W 83° 50.051'
Rogers City
Riverside Section 16, Walker Highway at Corriveau Road.
GPS: N 45° 20.327',W 84° 04.217'
Rogers City Memorial Park Section 15, Larke Avenue and State Street, Rogers City.
GPS: N 45° 23.311', W 83° 49.411'
Saint Casimir's Section 10, N. Grand Lake Highway and M 65, Posen.
GPS: N 45° 16.593',W 83° 41.923'
Saint Elizabeth Catholic Section 21, N. Ocqueoc Road.
GPS: N 45° 24.501',W 84° 5.342'
Saint James' Lutheran (ELCA)
(Sign on bldg: LUTH. St. Jakobus Kirche 1892)
Section 35, East side of S. Ward Branch Road between Algenstedt Highway and Heythaler Highway or about one and a half mile south of M68.
GPS: N 45° 22.704', W 83° 55.579'
Saint John's Hagensville Lutheran
Section 11, County Highway 441,Southeast of Rogers City.Behind church.
GPS: N 45° 21.531',W 83° 46.962'
Saint Michael's Lutheran
(Missouri Synod)
Section 17, County Highway 451, Rogers City.
GPS: N 45° 20.043', W 45° 50.588'
Saint Paul's Catholic Section 7, M-33 and M-68, side by side with Elmwood Cemetery, Onaway.
GPS: N 45° 21.238',W 84° 14.591'
Saint Paul's Lutheran Section 24, corner of Alpena Road and Green, Posen.Established 1878. Missouri Synod.
GPS: N45° 14.437' W 083° 38.454'
Saint Peterís Lutheran #1
AKA: Schroeder or Schrader/Shrader Cemetery


(New German Lutheran)
Section 12,On Hagensville Road, 1/2 mile from the corner of Highway 634.
GPS: N 45° 15.923',W 83° 46.192'
Saint Peterís Lutheran #2
(New German Lutheran)
Section 13 or 24, Metz Highway, Metz.It is behind the Parish Hall on the corner of County Road 441 and E. Metz Hwy.
GPS: N 45° 17.356',W 83° 48.054'
Saint Stephen the Martyr Catholic Cemetery Corner of Miles and Maple St., Millersburg.It is behind and underneath a pole building
GPS: N 45° 20.386',W 84° 03.764'
Trinity Lutheran Section 9, N. Ocqueoc Road between Pomeranke and King Highways
GPS: N 45° 25.497',W 84° 05.284'.
Unknown Section 21, County Highway 489 and County Highway 646, 10 miles from Onaway. Bearinger
Unknown Section 10, off N. Grand Lake Highway, Posen. Posen
Weinkauff Section 2 on N. Grand Lake Hwy., About 1.3 miles east of M-65 between Maple Lane and Polaski Rd. on the north side of the road.
GPS: N 45° 16.605',W 83° 40.162'

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