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Arenac County Obituaries

Obituaries are a valuable resource for genealogists.

Key resources for obituaries


The Areanc County Independent is the primary resource for area obituaries. Papers from 1972-2000 have been microfilmed and are available at the Library of Michigan in Lansing. Many obituaries have been clipped and collected by the Arenac County Historical Society and are available for purchase through their website. Papers from 1883-1972 are on file at the newspaper office, but are not available for public viewing or for purchase. Obituaries for county residents may also be found in the Bay City Times or Saginaw papers.

On-line data: Arenac County Historical Society Online Obituary Indexes
  MIGenWeb Archives - Arenac Co. Obituaries
  Public Libraries of Saginaw - Obituary Index
  Arenac County Independent (August 2009-present)
  Michigan Obituaries, 1820-2006 - index and images at (no charge)

Contributed Obituaries:

You're invited to share any obituaries you have relating to Arenac County. 

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Date Name Image Link Source Contributor
February 19, 1885 Harris, Mrs. Joanna   Arenac Independent James LaLone
August 21, 1886 Fullerton, Netta   . Pam Woods
September 10, 1897 Cabay, Jonas   Arenac Independent James LaLone
March 2, 1898 Cameron, Mrs. Duncan   Arenac Independent Cathy Palm
January 8, 1899 Marks, Gottfried   Arenac Independent G Knopp
January 22, 1899 Capt. J. W. (Frank) Wallace image   Dennis Norton
1900 Harry E. Pollock image . Keith Pollock
February 15, 1901 Beecham, Daniel   Arenac Independent Matt Larive
1901 Lulu May Pollock image . Keith Pollock
May 4, 1905 Southworth, Joseph G.   . Kay Mason
June 14, 1905 Watrous, Mary A.   Arenac Independent Kay Mason
June 16, 1905 Moore, Anna   Arenac Independent Kay Mason
June 28, 1905 Corbitt, James   Arenac Independent Kay Mason
July 2, 1905 Corbitt, Theressa A. nee Stenna   Arenac Independent Kay Mason
1905 Marvin, Betsey image   Eric Alli
May 30, 1912 Biskner, Louis   Arenac Independent Kay Mason
May 30, 1907 Wubbena, Jan     Pam Woods
September 26, 1907 Sonnenberg, Christian   Arenac Independent G Knopp
December 21, 1908 Louise Martha Hertzberg nee Treichel   Arenac Independent G Knopp
January 18, 1912 Gibson, Adam   Arenac Independent Matt Larive
June 11, 1913 Morley, William T.   Arenac Independent James LaLone
November 30, 1916 Beacham, James   Arenac Independent Matt Larive
March 4, 1918 VanMeer, Sarah Fritts image . Marcia Ticknor
April 14, 1918 Shimmons, Lorena nee Marston image . Marcia Ticknor
1919 Manning, Nellie image . Marcia Ticknor
1919 Bolt, Margaret   Arenac Independent Kay Mason
March 17, 1920 Wilson, Augusta L. image . Marcia Ticknor
April 5, 1920 Mitchell, Herbert J. image . Marcia Ticknor
April 6, 1922 Hopke, Julius   Arenac Independent Matt Larive
December 30, 1925 Beacham, John   Arenac Independent Matt Larive
June 8, 1927 Stone, Mary nee Donaldson   Arenac Independent Matt Larive
Abt. 1927 Major, Gus   . James LaLone
August 17, 1927 Felske, Fred image Pinconning Journal G Knopp

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